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      NTT Outdoor Activities
      来源: | 作者:nicole | 发布时间: 2017-07-29 | 3054 次浏览 | 分享到:
      28th July-29th 2017:  Our staff went to a National Base Station., Shenzhen close to the sea, outdoor training, playing and relaxing. 

      We enjoyed a few team games, and deeply understood how important the teamwork and communication is.


      Also, we went a special place for outdoor cooking lunch by ourselves. All of us show our cooking skills. We cooperate very well…Some wash the food. Some make a fire. Some do the cooking. Some prepare the dishes… perfect lunch!

      We made the company logo and “NTT” with the sands on the beach. Did a good job! At night, we had a campfire party and BBQ. Everyone showed their own unique talents, singing and dancing etc.


      After two days team activities, we were exhausted and got tanned under the big sun. Ha-ha, it was a really special and happy memory for NTT and me.


       On July 29th, 2017

      -- Sofia Liu