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      0086-755-8236 8859

      Our Engineer & design?

      The project team is your window to NTT. Through them you can remotely control your projects development with?

      • ?  Skilled and experienced
      •   Good communication
      •   Full solutions

      Our Quality

      NTT strictly comply with ISO9001:2008 instructions and requirements, using quality document system to control every process of design, production and inspection. We have established separate QA department which is independent of production / design departments, setting standard QA/QC procedures from raw-material ordering, production, testing, assembly, packing to shipment, to ensure customer getting our best products. 

      raw-material ordering                ? production                             testing                               assembly                   packing to shipment
      Qualified Suppliers

      We source mold base and mold steel from qualified suppliers LKM, ASSAB, THYSSEN and Finkl; hot runner system from YUDO, MOLD-MARSTER, INCOE, DME, HUSKY, Synventive, and HRS. We select international standard components from LKM, STRACK, Meusburger, HASCO and DME, which can provide compatible standard components to customers at their sites if needed.